ELGA co.




  • Cutting API & Premium Threads on Casing & Tubing Pipes from 4 ½”  OD to 20” OD (API & Premium Threads)


  • Providing Torque Monitoring Services, using advanced TMS Machines





  • inspection services


  • Casing & Tubing Pipes Reclamation services



Commercial Services


  • Procurement of various kinds of Pipes required by Oil & Gas Industries such as Casing & Tubing Pipes, Line Pipes, Drilling Pipes & etc.


  • Procurement of Various kinds of Downhole & completion equipment


  • Procuring Fishing & work-over tools & equipment




    Emen Louleh Gostaran Arvand (ELGA) was established in 2010 at Arvand Free Zone.With a determined goal & a team of Technical experts and also contribution of ELGA’s foreign and local partners, This Company has successfully built up and run its Automatic Casing & Tubing pipe Threading Line, able to cut API & Premium threads on April 2015.


        From the very beginning, by its presence at various domestic & international events, ELGA has always been noticed & admired by End-Users active in Oil & Gas fields of Industry as the one & only company specialized in the Pipe Threading Industry according to the API Standard.


        Also, ELGA is well known for its valuable abilities in Casing & Tubing Pipe Reclamation Services (Reclaiming USED Pipes) and Threading Plain-End & USED Pipes.


        ELGA as a company active in Oil & GAS Tubular Services industry, has always done its best to utilize the modern technology & deploy technical experts to take steps forward in order to become a role model and a pioneer among other companies providing similar services.


        At its production line in Abadan (Arvand Free Zone), ELGA has successfully done the pilot test on Pipe Reclamation Services on 4.1/2” Tubing Pipes and production of API Buttress Thread on 13.3/8” & 20” OD size Casing Pipes.






Head Office: NO. 30, Ashrafi Al., Opposite to ministry of ICT, Shariati Ave., Tehran, Iran


Factory: kargar26 St, Abadan Industrial site, Arvand Free Zone,Iran


Tel: (+98) 21-88 53 15 34


Telfax (Factory): (+98) 61-53 33 67 95


Fax (Head Office): (+98) 21-88 53 15 33







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